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– Soft skills for a Hard World


"Social, emotional, and technological skills are 

becoming more crucial as intelligent machines take over more physical, repetitive, and basic cognitive tasks."

But HR professionals report difficulty recruiting 

candidates who have the necessary soft skills for an 

automating world."




A unique approach to developing soft-skills

A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is used to make reference to 2 persons / objects / ideas with similar characteristics. Many studies have shown that metaphors help learners to understand new concepts / ideas by connecting with somethings that they are familiar with. While it is often found in literature and Science, metaphors are also used to shape beliefs and values in character development. When they are experienced - “metaphors coming alive”, they become effective tools to create sparks, help people to comprehend better and even begin the process of change in beliefs, values and attitudes.



Schools in Singapore


These workshops develop students leadership qualities, help them cope with changes (eg. P6 to Sec 1) and hone their personal mastery skills such as setting goals and milestone checks. Schools include: ACS (Junior), Saint Andrews Junior School and Zhonghua Secondary School.

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Youth Ministry @ Bethel

Experiential Learning Lessons

These lessons require the youths to participate in hands-on activities such as archery, juggling and drumming before engaging them in discussions to help them understand better and apply Biblical principles in their lives.

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Singapore Kindness Movement

Nurturing Kindness at Home and in School

A Parent-Child workshop for Primary Schools.

[The launch of this workshop has been delayed due to Covid-19]


BIKY Research Institute of Media & Education for Children (Korea)

Class Design of Film Literacy 3

- Understanding Multi-Culture

Worked with Dr Taeyun Lee from Korea to develop post-movie-screening activities for his book for schools.

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Character & soft-skills Programmes


Workshops (2-4h)

Leadership, ECG, Cultural Competency Skills

Retreats (2-4h)

Motivational in nature (eg. purpose and reflections) 


Seminars (6-8h)

To plan engaging CE lessons with Experiential Metaphor™ and facilitate effectively with E.E.C.R. 


Consultations (2-3h)

Plan & Implement level or department CCE programme


Workshops (1.5h)

Understanding basic principles behind character development and applying practical strategies at home

[Holding Webinars during this Covid-19 pandemic period]


Contact Roger to find out more details of these programmes


“Roger did a great job in linking the Photography activity to our BB Camp theme – Unity. It helped the boys to learn to maintain unity by seeing things from different perspectives and be aware of the ‘lenses’ that they may wear that create prejudices and judgements among them. Roger helped further expound this learning through examples and easy to apply tips and nuggets of info as well. It was thus interesting and insightful for the boys”

Lam Wee Woon / Officer / BB in Zhonghua Secondary School

"He believed in us a lot and made us reflect and share"

Isaac / Student / St Andrews Junior School

The Coach motivates us to complete our tasks. He might be firm but kind and friendly at the same time. I would like to wish him good luck.

Purvaa / Student / Global Indian International School

“The activity is helpful and unique. The students were not aware of the purpose of making the booklet at first but the discussion and facilitation helped them to understand empathy. It was effective and the message was clear. Concreate examples were provided too”

A Volunteer / Indonesia Autism Foundation

"Roger is a creative educator. He developed Experiential Metaphor, an approach for character development. He has also created several programs that developed character in a concrete and practical way. His programs are easy to learn and deliver clear messages. Above all, he is a person with a warm heart and passion"

Dr Lee Taeyun / Director of Value Education / Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival Edu. Progr.

"The Parenting Talk was structured very well and it was easy to follow. The parents were very much engaged by the online activities that you have included in the Talk."

Miss Wong Si Ning / Assistant General Secretary, Education / Singapore Kindness Movement

"This workshop helped me to think more positively and motivated me to study harder to achieve what I want in life. It helped me to feel determined to motivate myself and others around me to do better. Coach Roger was encouraging and persuasive to explain the 2 different types of mindsets and the importance to choose Growth Mindset. He also expanded my perspective of the world."

Athiran / Student / Riverside Secondary School