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Roger tan

Took a step of faith in 2018 to start my own business after 22 years of being a teacher and Head of Department with the Ministry of Education of Singapore. Hence, I began a new chapter to focus on developing character and soft-skills among the young and adults. The company aims to help individuals and organisations to develop what is CORE to them.

Core is something that is key, central and most important to your (or organisation's) character or existence.

What is yours?

I hope you are able to find at least one of my services useful to develop your (or your organisation's) CORE.


How I Can Help


Workshops, Seminars, Talks for students, teachers and parents

Experts and Employers agree that soft-skills are as important as hard-skills. Interviews for jobs, schools or leadership positions are placing a higher premium on the character. We know that in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world that we live in, it is not WHAT WE HAVE (eg. awards and qualifications) but WHO WE ARE that will see us through the test of time.


Consultations and Workshops for HR Department and Employees

Staff competency is certainly a core strategic thrust in almost every organisation. You may have a full-proof Staff Development Plan but it is still residing on a piece of paper or in a computer. To DELIVER the plan (CONTENT) effectively is key to staff engagement, learning and application.


Training & Talks for Individual, Couples and Families

Health or Wealth? Most people choose both ... understandably. But we should never neglect our health (& fitness) in the pursuit of wealth! Developing sustained habits allow us to enjoy lifelong benefits. The key to this is to make diet and exercise regimes a part of our lifestyle and involve a significant other(s) in our lives on this journey together.

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C  H  A  L  L  E  N  G  E



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