National Moving-Giving Challenge

About the Movement

Started on 1st June 2020, this movement encourages people from all walks of life to exercise and stay fit for a good cause. 

> moving - giving

> doer - donor 

> fitness - funds

DOERS will complete a given physical challenge while DONORS will match what is completed by donating.

[see below for examples]


Supported by Sport Singapore

At the end of the 2.5 months, 80 Doers registered for the 55 Push-Up in 1-min Challenge and 80 Donors donated $55 each for every Doer who completed the challenge. In total, $4800 was raised for 3 charitable organisations.

People who supported this project included ...

Working out is a lifestyle. What a great initiative to raise funds while keeping fit!         Maxi Lim - Actor


Local actor, Aaron Khaled, supports the #SG55PU project and wants you to be part of this good cause too



Steven Tan

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-10 at

Lim Tong Hai

Local Football Heroes

Do  For  Fun:D



Jumping Jack Marathon Challenge


To do as many jumping jacks as possible in 20min one at a time by students and staff in their classes.

1000 participants


Students / Staff raised funds from families / friends to match the total number of jumping jacks.



Community Chest

School's 120 Fund

Scgs logo.png


SC Day / ND Celebrations

Unique & meaningful way to celebrate Singapore's 55th B'day. Active Fun for a good cause.


Steven Tan

Football Coach

ACTIVE SG Footbal Academy

Steven Tan

Football Coach

ACTIVE SG Footbal Academy

Steven Tan

Football Coach

ACTIVE SG Footbal Academy

Heading 5

Samantha Tan

Fundraising Executive 

All Saints Home

All Saints Home is blessed to have been a part of the National Moving-Giving Challenge organised by Core Entreprise. Besides being a meaningful and creative initiative to raise funds for the community and needy, the campaign also aims to inspire doers to kickstart their fitness journey. Everyone's a winner! We hope that more people will be encouraged to take up this Moving-Giving Challenge in the future!


Pek Hai Lin


Zero Waste SG

We are very appreciative of Core Enterprise's innovative fundraising effort to rally the public to raise funds while keeping fit at the same time! The effort put into fitness guidance for the Doers during the process is very thoughtful as well. We are excited to see how it can involve more people in time to come!

Steven Tan

Football Coach

ACTIVE SG Footbal Academy

It was nice for everyone to rally around this difficult time for the less fortunate and  stay healthy and active at the same time.

Thank You letter from

Singapore Children's Society

Call for Action


Let's work together to motivate our nation to MOVE and GIVE. A worthy effort to promote fitness and spirit of giving. To encourage people to stay active and support the needy.

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