Fitness mats

L I K E   N O   O T H E R   M A T S

 THICK  enough for high intensity exercises

NON-SLIP enough for Yoga / Pilates

SOFT enough for children to play on

BIG enough for 2 to workout together

Made in Germany.

Here in Singapore now!

Fitness Mats that Fit your needs

SPORTECH Motionflex





Not available in Singapore

Printing of names, motivational quotes and pictures on mats can be done

Per piece - $90


Buy 1 set of mats (2pcs)

Get a $88 voucher for Co-Fiitness or Take-5 fitness programme package (usual is $44 off per package)


Special promotion for schools / gyms / studios who buy in bulk to support ActiveSG. Please call to enquire.

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14/06/2020 / The Straits Times

Coronavirus: Injuries related to hobbies, chores and exercise are up

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The Benefits of Using Mats in Exercise


"My family loves the mats. I use it for my HIIT workout and yoga. I love the fact that the mats don't move about (like yoga mats) when I move and jump during my exercises. My girls love to play and roll on the mats because they are firm yet soft. My husband simply likes the idea that these 4 mats he bought protect the parquet flooring."

                                                                                                                           Mrs Summer  Tan


Use the form below to place your order. Provide the following information: number of pieces, colour and the name to be printed on the mat (free). 


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