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Write messages to encourage and motivate the Doers

What You Need To Do



Inform us that you are keen to be a DONOR for this project. Remember to leave your email for us to get back to you.



Write encouraging messages to motivate the DOERS to train and succeed in the challenge. Include it when you're registering and we will post it here.



Check #SG55PU in IG to see DOERS' progress.We will inform you when a DOER completes the challenge. Website will update the number of successful Doers.



Make your $55 donation. More details through email. Please note that $53 goes to the beneficiaries while $2 goes to admin cost. ASH & SCS will collect the donations directly.

SIGN UP NOW and Donate Later

Target: 550 Donors

Thanks for submitting!

Messages from Donors 

Number of registered-Donors: 80 (updated on 16 Aug)

Moli Fu

Thank you for partnering me for this worthy cause!

Eugenio Palmieri

In just one minute you are helping yourself and others!

Alaris Wong

Thanks for raising funds for the chronically-ill & aged at All Saints Home! We're rooting for you! 

Silas Sng

Jia You! We're counting on you.

Tricia Seow

You are inspiring! Thank you for doing this for others!

Samuel Tan

I'm supporting Joshua Tan in doing the 55 push-ups. All the best!

Yvonne Lim

You can do it! Little steps make a difference a long way.

Tan Mui Kiang

God’s joy and strength be with you as you pressed on!!

Celeste Chua

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.

Keep it up!

Joshua Yeo

Keep it up! Every small difference will bring about big changes. Thanks guys!

Jerry Teo

Do our best ability to help the needy communities. We're in this together!


Small effort with a big heart, stay united and do our part. Well done and keep it up

Lee Chong Kai

I tried to do but my tummy got in the way. So here's my next best - to add oil!

Gary Gan

Let's "Push Up" together the caring spirit among Singaporeans to support those charities that are set up to help those who are in need.

Caleb Ho

Let us continue to share & give our best to help those in need. Keep up the spirit & preserve on.

Fei May

Let’s do our part with a BIG SMILE and BIG ❤

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