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Staying active and helping others at the same time ... why not?
Push Up is chosen as the physical activity because it can be done at home during this period of time, it can be easily picked-up by men and women and it doesn't require any equipment. Furthermore there are many benefits related to health and fitness. 


Camera must capture the face and body for verification purpose.
Upload your video in your Instagram and #SG55PU
Email us your videos if you can't do it through IG and we'll verify and upload.


continue ...
Body is straightened throughout.
Don't arch upward / downward.
Chest touches toilet roll each time  you descend.
Note: Toilet roll can be  placed either way.
Register your Intent to participate
Train & be prepared for the challenge
Record & Post your challenge
^The last 4 characters of your IC comes in useful if we have 2 or more DOERS with the same first / last name when submitting videos for verification in Instagram

Thanks for submitting!

Target: 550 Doers

Every Doer who succeeds in the challenge is matched with a Donor. Let's get started!
Number of registered-Doers: 80 (updated on 9 Aug)
Number of successful-Doers: 33 (updated on 16 Aug)
Image by Ayo Ogunseinde

Give yourself Between 10 to 21 days to train and be prepared for the challenge

BELOW are some online videos to guide you

This video is good for those who are starting out on push ups

Good to find out how to do push up properly

Wanna find out how to progress in doing push up? Watch this!

For those who are really serious about doing PU correctly

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